About Us

About Clearwater Mall

Located in the beautiful St. Pete and Clearwater metro area, Clearwater Mall is at the heart of a community which sees its beaches regularly ranked #1 in the country and Top 10 in the world. Every season here brings with it a unique sense of flavor, direction, and opportunity that you can find nowhere else.


Before you hit the beach or enjoy the first activities on your agenda, come make your way over to the collection of name-brand and specialty stores available to you at Clearwater Mall. We feature more than 100 different retailers on our 75-acre site, including names like Target, Ross, Jared’s, Costco, and GameStop.


If you develop a bit of hunger while you’re taking care of your shopping errands, then you’ll find several different options are available for a cure. Smokey Bones is always a top choice to try when visiting Clearwater Mall. We also offer access to some of today’s hottest dining chains, such as Panera Bread and Jimmy John’s.

Health and wellness services our available at Clearwater Mall too. We feature a fitness facility, sporting goods support, and eye care services, along with several other options that will help you take care of your needs.


You’ll find us at the corner of Gulf to Bay Blvd and Highway 19, just a heartbeat away from the Bayside Bridge. Access our lot via Sky Harbor Dr. if you’re visiting Target or Starbucks. For Costco, Mall Perimeter Dr. / Seville Blvd is a better option. Remember that access comes from the U.S. 19 Frontage Rd. if you approach from the south.


Upon your arrival, you’ll find that there is ample parking with easy access to your favorite shops. You are cordially invited to enjoy whatever time you have in St. Pete and Clearwater to wander through each store.


Our palm trees and blue skies are waiting just for you.